The book of Mathew


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I started reading the gospel and I thought I should write down some things.
This was a long time ago…

My Study on the book of Matthew: EyeOpeners(EO), Questions (Q) and probably Answers(A) IV

EO: It is the will of God that we might be healed/cleansed. Matt 8:3

Q: Why did Jesus ask the leper tell no one but rather follow the Jewish custom (Lev 14:2-32) and why should it be done as a testimony to the Priest?

A: Jesus had limited time here to minister, He didn’t want the leper to waste time talking about His miracles when it was important for him to communicate with the Priest.

He didn’t want his ministry to be all about miracles. (Matt 9:8)

EO: You cannot inherit the kingdom of God, if you sit around patting yourself on the back because your family has been in the “church” for years and you do not take the time to work out your own salvation with Christ, be aware that even the subjects of the Kingdom could be thrown outside into the darkness, weeping and gnashing their teeth. (Matt 8:12)

EO: Jesus drove out the spirits with a word. Too much conservation with those spirits is unnecessary. I am guessing the word is “LEAVE”. I confirmed that the word is “GO!” (Matt 8:32)

The healing is instant, He touched and spoke and many were healed.

Even those who are close to Christ still were sick, e.g. Peter’s MIL, the difference is they were healed.

(Matt 8:14-17)

EO: His disciples had no idea who Jesus is hence the lack of faith on the boat, confirmed by their statements in vs 27. (Matt 8:23-27)

EO: Demons are aware they have an appointed time, I bet they are not sitting around using the short time they have left before the appointed time to party. (Matt 8:29). Christians should have the same awareness and go after souls with the same urgency.

EO: Funny how they complained when Jesus said the man’s sins are forgiven, but gave praise when Jesus performed a miracle. I guess this might also be another reason why Jesus told the Leper tell no one. People sometimes are just too concerned about miracles. (Matt 9:1-8)

Love the part where Jesus said, I know what you are thinking and it doesn’t bother me but just to show you that I am… (paraphrase) (Matt 9:6)

EO: All Jesus said to Matthew was “Follow Me”. (Matt 9:9)

Matthew gift as a record keeper enabled him at his job (tax collector “a sinful job”) and later was put to good use as creating the book of Matthew.

Q: What is my gift?

A: Remember when you were in the world, you used your gift. Coming to Christ doesn’t mean you should throw it away, just use it for Christ. E.g. If you were a blues singer, sing blues in the church.

EO: One second they say Jesus is blasphemy, the next second they question why He is hanging out with “sinners”, based on their thinking shouldn’t He be amongst those like Him? Go figure!! (Matt 9:11, Matt 9:34)

EO: God is not interested in those who feel they have already arrived and don’t need Him.

EO: While John’s disciples where consumed by the orthodox, dogma and traditionalism, they missed the new move of God. Jesus said I came with a new style you can’t confine me to this old thing. (Matt 9:14-17)

EO: Demon possession made the guy mute, Jesus did not require him to have faith, he was healed by the faith of those who brought him, unlike the woman with the issue of blood and the blind guys they were healed by their faith.


Matt 8:17 / Isaiah 53:2 – God’s will for our health.

EO: Following Christ is not like a job, where  you go in the morning and get home in the evening, you cannot suit Christainity in the morning (in most cases Sunday) and take it off in the evening. There are no breaks, there are no vacation periods, it is a total lifestyle change and you are either with Jesus or you are not with him. You have to give up everything house, family e.t.c. (Matt 8:18 – 22)

Our main aim is to be like Jesus, notice Jesus total lack of fear, He was able to sleep in the midst of the storm because He knew that nothing shall harm Him.

Q: Why did Jesus say you of little faith? I thought that He said if your faith is as little as a mustard seed you can move mountains? How little is too little with faith?

A: Jesus called the centurion one with great faith because he believed in Jesus, hence he asked Him to heal his servant, but the centurion took it up a notch by telling Jesus to just speak the word. He did not need the reassurance of Jesus walking to his house to believe it could be done. On the other hand the folks at sea with Jesus knew Jesus could save them, hence they woke Him up, but the fact that He was on the boat with them wasn’t enough, they needed the extra reassurance of Him being awake to know that nothing would happen to them?

Have many times have we measured our closeness to God based on the amount of miracles He is performing in our lives?  How many times have we accounted for the whereabouts of the Holy Spirit based on how much we “feel” Him?

How great is your faith, when you believe God’s love for you is great when nothing going right in your life and it seems your prayers are not being answered, everything you touch crumbles, bills are piling up, your body is sick, you are homeless yet you say God is in control.

How many times have we checked the goodness of God based on how close his response is to our prayers or what we asked? How many times have we judge who God is punishing and who God is saving based on what is happening in their lives?

Although both faiths can move mountains, great faith does not need Physical reassurance, little faith does. Little faith puts God in a box great faith understands God can do the impossible.

Little faith is the reason for the question “What kind of a man is this?” (Matt 8:27)

Q: Did the violence start when the demons met Jesus? (Matt 8:28)

EO: Violence demons reaction to the presence of God, fear, shock, destruction -> Essence of the violence because they knew?

EO: The devil knows at the appointed time there is going to be torture for the devil and demons. This would definitely make the devil not a happy camper.

Q: Why did the demons want to go into the heard of pigs? What was the alternative?

Q: Why did Jesus agree to send them into pigs?

A: It was not the appointed time. Pigs unclean animals (Jewish)


Responsibility and choice


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ImageWhen I first got saved I remember saying to God “As I do this walk with you, we got to keep it real no BS” (I just got saved so I was using words like BS) and God chuckled. Then He said “Are you ready to be honest with yourself?”
Years later when I think about what I said and where I am now I chuckle just like God did.

One of the first things God taught me was how to accept responsibility. Coming from a culture where we don’t accept responsibility for anything, when people get caught in crimes they blame the devil. Reaping the effects of bad decisions they blame their cousin for doing juju to them.

It was hard to finally be responsible, I didn’t want to accept that I had a choice in anything and God delivered me from all that, one of the ways he did that was when I am in the throes of a bad decision and I didn’t want to own up to my own responsibility in where I was, He reminds me.

I guess the Holy Spirit remembrance works in a thousand different ways.

Once God made me understand that I had a choice in everything I do even the way I react to how people treat me I became empowered.

But He had to teach me how to be honest with myself, going a long way with God demands honesty with ourselves.

If you can’t be honest with yourself you can’t be honest with God. If you can’t be honest with God, then you do not walk with God for the father of lies is the devil.

What makes a man a head of household according to the bible?


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Somewhere along the lines, the bible has been misconstrued about the meaning of the head of household to become who is the income earner in a family. This might make sense in the world but in the scripture it is not true.

The quality of a man that makes him the head of the household is not pertaining to how much he earns I don’t know why a man’s head of household status would then be threatened if his wife works?

The world has twisted this word of God so much that some women when they become income earners might view a man that he is no longer capable of bearing the title head of household and some men because they earn income no longer do anything worthy of head of household.

Let us go down to the bible, what did God mean when he said the man is the head?

Ephe 5:23 sums it all for the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church.

What is Christ relationship with the church? 

Why have we turned important information to something as petty as who makes more money or who works or does not? The idea of being head of household goes way deeper than that.

Males do not become men because they are born with male genitals.

And ladies every man is not head of household material, it is only God who gives a man the ability to become the head of household, for who will be willing to lay his life down for his wife if the grace of God is not upon him?

There are some men who have no relationship with God, they are just figure heads, their wife is the one who prays, read the word of God, who hears from God, who spends time with God yet they claim to be head of household, who do you think is more of a head the one who hears from God or the one who doesn’t? Besides you cant be head, if you have no relationship with God.

One thing I am sure is before God we are spirits neither male nor female, so God will not hesitate to use the woman to accomplish what he intends to do at the time he intends to do if the man who is the head of household is not ready to take his rightful place. They will be like Esau selling their birthrights and we know God has no qualms giving it to the one who hungers.

When it comes to earning let every household do what works best for them, this will not deter the anointing of being head of household from a man. David was king long before he sat on a throne.

Men you need God to fulfill that role, God gave you a wife, she is like the church is to Christ.

Jesus is constantly interceding for the church, Jesus died for the church, the church is His body.

How well do people fare when they neglect their body? How does a man think he will do well when neglects his wife? You can provide all she needs financially but neglect her emotionally and physically.

Don’t worry if your wife is being submissive or not take your place as head. How many times did Jesus quit being Christ because the church is failing Him or not submitting to Him? This is your God given role, it is not predetermined by the woman or your circumstances.


The story of the salvation as explained by an Engineer


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First prototype was built and everything went well and it was called Man 1.0 nicknamed Adam, God went ahead and got a large inventory from BeFruitfulAndMultiply inc.

Employee sabotage led to deficiencies in inventory, in order to garner loss, a patch was place into works moving Man 1.0 to Man 1.1.

The implementation of the patch is instituting Salvation 1.0 into Man 1.0 to bring about Man 1.1.

Final plan is to completely finish using inventory in stock then upgrading all Man 1.1 to Man 2.0 the new man.

All versions of Man 1.0 that did not upgrade to Man 1.1 cannot be upgraded to Man 2.0. Man 2.0 is not backward compatible with Man 1.0.

All versions of Man 1.0 will be scrapped and will no longer be used.

Man 2.0 has already be tested all bugs removed, the first prototype nicknamed JC is working perfectly at this moment.


Life is a risk


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I always think the fear of failure is as irrational as the fear of death.

Who has died and came back and said “oh you don’t want to go there!”

And for the few who think there is nothing after death this should even be an easier transition but how many people have made bad decisions due to the irrational fear of death.

Failure, when does this irrational fear begin? No kid is foolish enough to fall for that fear. If we have children who fear failure, after their first two steps and they fall they will never walk again.

Sometimes we say you don’t understand, my risk is so great I am afraid of what I might lose, isn’t the risk also as great for a child who never learnt how to walk? Everything in life is a risk.ontheledge

To my Father: What I would have said


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Dear Dad,

I would have called to wish you happy father’s day, we would have continued our conversations, our unscripted and easy flowing conversations about Nigeria and its politics, complaints about you-know-who, how well you are doing and how well I am doing e.t.c.

It seems you waited for me to tell you I was fine before you left. I lied, I wasn’t fine I just wanted to make you feel better.

I am not dying either. I guess I am as strong as you thought.

We talk more like friends, how appropriate it is for you to call me Oyinda (father’s friend).

I think about you, hurts a little less now, your love for education, your entrepreneurial spirit, your financial genius brain, your anger that boils but simmers out quickly, your love for politics, your desire to save people, your pride, your quick forgiveness, your choice to do right rather than make money, your boldness standing for what is right at the risk of your own life.

You weren’t perfect, neither am I.

I guess we are more alike than I realized.

Like I said I am not alright, I miss you dad.

If I write about you it will read like a hero’s fiction, people loved and respected you not because you were wealthy. I never got tired of hearing your dad was a good man no matter the continent I am in. And these people are telling me stories, things you did for them that I never knew.

People have deep seated respect for you and it didn’t matter if you were wealthy or a pauper.  If they were richer or poorer than you the sentiments was always the same. Even when you were on opposing sides they respected you.

You love deep and sometimes it cost you but you were always fair in your dealings.

You understood wealth for what it was, for you it was not about the haves to impress it was just a means to an end.

I was never able to give you all the things I wanted to give to you but your legacy I will make proud.

When it is okay to be mean!


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Okay I don’t get it,

People are ridiculously mean to beautiful, wealthy or popular person and everyone acts like it is okay.

When people talk about celebrities no holds barred

They go for the jugular

Gutting them out in every despicable way possible, their children or family members are not safe.

And everyone acts like it is okay.

“Eh they are celebrities they can handle it.”

A beautiful girl, for some folks she is a target.

And everyone acts like it is okay.

“Pish Posh cry me a river, she will turn out to be like the mean girls in the movies so we get her before she gets us”

Maybe she is mean because people are so mean to her.

Beautiful people are not supposed to be smart.

Why should they have it all?

So if she talks we treat her like she is stupid even if she is full of wisdom.
To be taken seriously, scrub that make up off your face

Since you can’t make yourself ugly, go with the ugly clothes.

Kindhearted, no we don’t notice it, she practically has to be damn near angelic to be elevated to kindness status of the one that is not as pretty.

Did Hollywood get it wrong, could the mean girls just be those who are ugly inside.

After it all, beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder.

Defining a woman’s worth by her chastity belt is raising a bunch of worthless sluts


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ChasitybeltIn our chase for chastity, we have made the mistake of making women feel that their most prized possession is their maiden head. We have promised women everlasting love from their spouse if he is the first man, and women have believed it and ended up disappointed.

A woman will fight so hard to remain a virgin, not giving in once to sexual overtures from men but once that virginity is conquered there is a mistaken notion that the evil deed is done so there is absolutely no way you can recapture that which is lost and cannot be of much value anymore. How does one become of less value because the most elastic part of the human body is slightly different?

I just want to encourage young girls and women who regret who was their first, there is no reason to keep being with the douche bag because he was your first. If you regret your decision to have sex with this person in the first place, understand that everybody makes mistakes, there is every reason for you to continue to value yourself the same way you were valuing yourself when you were a virgin.

Sometimes women remain in terrible relationships, this person will not treat them right, give them the love they are seeking for, or is right for them but because they are afraid that the next guy may be wrong as well and they don’t want to be “sleeping around” they remain in this bad relationship running on the adage that the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know.

This is giving too much power to a man because he caught a woman in a compromising position. Celibacy is as great as remaining a virgin. A woman should be able to value herself enough to say I made a mistake I deserve better than this and I will not repeat this mistake again.

A woman will do herself a disservice to give herself to someone who doesn’t deserve her.

This mentality is so bad that a woman who is raped almost immediately begins to devalue herself. The vagina is just a part of who a woman is, if a man takes something from a woman, there is going to be a hurt because someone stole something from her that she did not give but under no circumstances should it mean that she is not worth anything.
A woman’s worth is greater than her vagina!

Women are encouraged not to be sexually aware but wait for seduction and fall into the arms of a man. A woman should not leave the decision of what she wants in the hands of a man just because she is looking for love. Every woman should decide who and when she wants to have sex, if you know that you are going to wake up in the morning regretting this, DO NOT DO IT!!! No matter how much tingling you feel all over your body.

Life is not a romance novel, where you can blame it on the alcohol, the buzz in your heart and excuse the meanness of the man to a struggle with how much he loves you. Men are not really that complicated, if they like you, you will know, if they don’t like you, you will know, regardless of how they feel about you that doesn’t mean they will not sleep with you.

A woman should say “Virgin or not I will not give myself over to a man who doesn’t deserve me, if that means I will never have sex so be it”

At the end of the day I think a woman’s value for herself is a better motivation than society’s value for a woman.

baloonVirginity is like a balloon only one prick it’s gone. 

I love you equally so you can be yourself


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My daughter said something to me that was so profound that it inspired this blog.

Playing “I love you” with my kids, in the typical competitive banter in my household, my daughter wanted to know if I love her more than her sibling, in my best mommy tone I replied “I love you and your brother equally, do you know why?”,  my thought process was in the direction of “because you are both my babies”.

I saw my daughter giving the question a little bit of thought and she responded “Because you want us to be ourselves”.  Surprised at her response I agreed wholeheartedly.

Sometimes, I recognize that when we get saved we are all about not being like the old man and in that process sometimes we eradicate who we really are and emulate someone else.

Admire someone if you must but don’t lose who you are.

Incorporate new habits if you will but custom design it for you.

I think it is imperative that we realize that God loves us equally because He doesn’t want us to be like each other.

Sometimes unwittingly we may push about the fallacy that our way or style of Christianity is the best way, yes it may be for us but not for everyone else. Can we really let people just be who they are?

Sometimes the action itself is not the sin but the intention behind the action that makes it sinful.

I am a lover of knowledge and I once I found God I craved wisdom in every way and I thought this was the highest point until I came upon the idea that knowledge of God’s love surpasses knowledge.

Now I am a lover of God’s love, I want to know it, I want to understand it, I want to have it, and I want to give it.

God called us a body and each part of the body is vastly different from each other with their strength and weakness uniting to form one of the greatest designs of God.

I want to love people for who they are without losing me, I want everyone around me to be different, I want to understand that different doesn’t mean better than, I want us to celebrate our differences as much as we celebrate our similarities.

I want to love only as the true lover could, just as you are, flaws and all.