What does it take to be discerning?

You have to listen more

You have to focus the conversations less on you

You have to spend real time with the individual

What does the intellectually lazy do?



What does it take to discover who you are?

You have to quiet the noise

Spend more time with you

Face your own greatness and faults

Be okay with being unique

What does the intellectually lazy do?

Become like a STEREOTYPE!!!


Not aggressive enough?

Not passive aggressive enough?

You do not want to be known as “Place Race Here” enough

You are exceptional at art, mediocre in science but you are expected to excel in science, here is your choice be a mediocre in science, do not explore your excellent potential in arts you do not want to disappoint your stereotypes.


Stereotypes are oversimplified ways of cataloging groups of people based on the differences between them and other groups of people. They are sometimes rooted in fact, sometimes in prejudice, and if taken at face value, they contribute to intolerance and discrimination and limit people in their understanding of society. Stereotypes exist, and they will continue to exist as long as there is diversity between human individuals and a tendency in the human brain to compartmentalize knowledge as a way to reduce “thinking effort” (principle of minimal invested energy) –Veronica Sicoe