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There was a time when all the church talked about was the Holy Spirit, the person of the Holy Spirit, Good Morning Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God, who is the Holy Spirit e.t.c

During that period tons of people where getting saved, healed and great manifestation of the presence of God.

As we all know, where the Holy Spirit goes great things happen, unfortunately many of the people where not ready for the responsibilities that come with carrying the anointing. Humans started worshiping the anointing carriers, then conceit stepped in, the environment was no longer conducive for the Spirit of God to manifest so He stepped back.

To maintain the status quo because they love the worship, they started faking it, the devil was quick to go on the rebound because he understood the power of the Spirit. Well meaning Christians started questioning the Holy Spirit.

Is He real? I thought He was a thing of the past? Don’t disrupt the service we don’t want to scare people. Don’t talk about the Holy Spirit so much people will look at you like a wack job.

Slowly He was placed in the back burners, there but not really there, regulated like we do with the old white man up in heaven playing games with us on earth.

The Holy Spirit was never meant to be away, the very essence of the Spirit is for God to do a daily walk with us just like He did with Adam in the garden of Eden.

I got good news, the dispensation is coming back but please be aware, don’t get swept away with the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and miss Him altogether.