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Time is the 4th dimension on earth, a particle may have length, breadth mass, volume but a particle will need to exist in time to exist.

Time is one dimension we cannot control, mathematically we say wrt (with respect to) time but we cannot go back in time, slow time or make it any faster, we operate within time.

God said I am the Alpha and Omega which means beginning and end. If time is on a Cartesian coordinate then the origin 0 will be alpha the beginning of God and Omega will be infinity.

On the axis we can have a start and stop where for each individual a start will be the beginning of life and a stop will be the end of life, but for most things that exist longer than us they will exist further back on the coordinate axis than our own reference point.

We can set our own origin on the time Cartesian coordinate and make any point on the number line the origin and we can make the number line as long as we exist on the earth, while that may be truth in our own reality does the world really end when people die? For them it does but the rest of the world continues on the time axis. The number line goes all the way to Omega.

God is time everything in this world exist because of God. We cannot change time but time can change us, time is on its trajectory and everything else exist because of it.  When a thing exist in time that is when it becomes real.

This is the reason why God can see the end of a matter from the beginning, He knows the exact moment when anything can exist on the time axis. With God nothing is too late but everything is right on time.

You may set your number line like Sarah and say I am 99 I am too old to bear a child but if the child born to Sarah is existing on the time line at 99, that child will exist regardless of everything else.

What is it that God has said in your life, God has placed it on the time axis which is within your limit (before your end), you may not see it now but as you are shuttling through time when you come upon that time everything that God has said will exist in that time will exist.

Therefore do not worry, God is not too late, it may be happening right now for person A that does not mean yours is not up on the time line.

God does not have a need to go back into time, (like in the Sci Fi) to change something to affect tomorrow, He puts it there, everything else in this world will conform to meet that event at the appointed time.

So your will may exist like Jonah and you may refuse to go down to Nineveh to preach the word, but at the appointed time you will be at Nineveh, you can either a) get on the bus and go there or b) force the sea to react, have a fish swallow you but at the appointed time you will be at Nineveh.

Everyone has freewill but your freewill cannot make God a liar. If the earth has to tip off it’s axis for God’s will to come to pass so be it. How many of our freewill choices has tipped our world or the earth off its axis and we have conveniently blamed God.

For everyone of us God has said 1+1 = 2, I can choose out of my own freewill to add 2 to the equation. But because the answer will always to be 2, God will balance the equation such that it becomes this 2+(1+1)=2+(2-2). We may not like the 2-2 process that God added but God’s word must come to pass.

The best and easiest way is to align ourselves with the will of God, what comes to mind is this song from Sidewalk prophets “Let me find it”.

If there’s a road I should walk
Help me find it
If I need to be still
Give me peace for the moment
Whatever Your will
Whatever Your will
Can you help me find it