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pope   Before I go even further I will like to clarify that I am not catholic so you don’t think I am feeling biased and oversensitive about anything published about the pope. Now that we got that out of the way let me go the gist of this moment.

The pope is under attack, because he had the audacity to ask Christians to be more like Christ and in so doing challenged the powers that be.

Am I surprise? Of course not the devil is called “The Father of lies”.

What I am ashamed of is the number of people spreading this news on the internet like it is the truth. When you read this “All religions are true, Adam and Eve a Fable” and you are not going, wait what? Let me research this. I wonder about them.

Oh they call it satire these days I call it lying. I have been a victim of satire posting it on FB like it is the truth.  Not that I am calling for censorship but satire should be firmly stamped as such with watermarks indicating satire in the background.

Now that the truth is out that the Pope didn’t say that, how many do you think we take the time to state on their Facebook status that it was a lie? Hmm say that and brand yourself a fool? They would rather tarnish a man’s image than look like a fool.

The onus of proving the truth of what one is ingesting is on the reader in the 21st Century.