Everybody wants to go to heaven but most people are not considering what living in heaven is really going to be like, therefore they are less equipped or prepared to live in heaven. Which begs the question are they going to make it there?

You know that guy that raped and killed your daughter, that man that you cannot forgive, guess what while he was in prison awaiting his execution he made his peace with God and made it into heaven therefore you have to eat with this man everyday, eating next to him next to the daughter he killed constantly reminding you of that day he ripped your life apart, that is if you even make it in there considering the fact that you can’t forgive.

That racist white guy you hated so much, made your life on earth hell, guess what he found the error in his ways and made it into heaven now you have to deal with him, that is if you made it into heaven given that you commit murder each time you think about him.

That  Jewish guy, that Islamic guy that you were so sure was going to hell, so you avoided him like a plague, well someone else didn’t and led him to Christ, guess what you have to dine with him in heaven.

You know that sin you hated so much, such that you had no qualms hating the sinner, you hated to the point of ostracizing sinners that felt their only way out was to die, guess what one of them made it to heaven, now you have to love this sinner.