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It seems that the opposite of Christianity is homosexuality. It seems like if you are not a Christian then you are a homosexual, a homosexual lover (as in one who supports homosexual).

When did Christianity become the antithesis of homosexuality? Once you say you are a Christian to a media outlet the first question they ask is “Do you think homosexuality is a sin?” Why are we not hearing questions like “Do you think lying is a sin?” What do you think about sex before marriage? How do you feel about adultery?

I don’t blame the media though because we as Christians have made things that way. A non Christian can do the most despicable things around but if he says homosexuality is a sin “Christians” rally behind him like he is a saint. At this rate if the devil says homosexuality is a sin, “Christians” will be like the devil is not so bad he is just a misunderstood Christian working his way towards God but you homosexuals will burn in hell.

I am standing around watching this with mouth agape.

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame has a right to attack homosexuality the way he sees fit, I don’t have a problem with that but when his defenders start making it look like he said it as a representative of Christ I am shocked.

This is a man who used to drink and cheat on his wife, at that time the wife used to say “It is not him but the devil in him” yet when it comes to the sins of another he does not extend the same courtesy.

We should hold Christianity to a higher standard, according to my standard a Christian should be one that has accepted Jesus as their Lord and personal savior and is constantly practicing the word of God, not perfect but working on it, in conclusion a Christian should be Christ like.

A Christian is not someone who is born in a Christian home, a Christian is not one who says the grace over dinner, a Christian is not one whose political affiliation determines his religion.

If me as Christian realized that I could not turn away from my sin if it wasn’t for the grace of God, it would be incredible unfair for me to expect any man to walk away from his sin without Christ.

I think we should be more interested in showing Christ to the world because the truth is the world knows they are sinners what they do not have is a solution.

If we are propagating the love of God as much as we are condemning homosexuality and every other sins by the way, we would accomplish more than creating a cheap media ruckus all in the name of Jesus.

Not one sin is greater than the other, remember in God’s eyes a man who hates his brother is as guilty as murdering him.

If we want to talk about sin, let’s talk about sin.