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I started reading the gospel and I thought I should write down some things.
This was a long time ago…

My Study on the book of Matthew: EyeOpeners(EO), Questions (Q) and probably Answers(A) IV

EO: It is the will of God that we might be healed/cleansed. Matt 8:3

Q: Why did Jesus ask the leper tell no one but rather follow the Jewish custom (Lev 14:2-32) and why should it be done as a testimony to the Priest?

A: Jesus had limited time here to minister, He didn’t want the leper to waste time talking about His miracles when it was important for him to communicate with the Priest.

He didn’t want his ministry to be all about miracles. (Matt 9:8)

EO: You cannot inherit the kingdom of God, if you sit around patting yourself on the back because your family has been in the “church” for years and you do not take the time to work out your own salvation with Christ, be aware that even the subjects of the Kingdom could be thrown outside into the darkness, weeping and gnashing their teeth. (Matt 8:12)

EO: Jesus drove out the spirits with a word. Too much conservation with those spirits is unnecessary. I am guessing the word is “LEAVE”. I confirmed that the word is “GO!” (Matt 8:32)

The healing is instant, He touched and spoke and many were healed.

Even those who are close to Christ still were sick, e.g. Peter’s MIL, the difference is they were healed.

(Matt 8:14-17)

EO: His disciples had no idea who Jesus is hence the lack of faith on the boat, confirmed by their statements in vs 27. (Matt 8:23-27)

EO: Demons are aware they have an appointed time, I bet they are not sitting around using the short time they have left before the appointed time to party. (Matt 8:29). Christians should have the same awareness and go after souls with the same urgency.

EO: Funny how they complained when Jesus said the man’s sins are forgiven, but gave praise when Jesus performed a miracle. I guess this might also be another reason why Jesus told the Leper tell no one. People sometimes are just too concerned about miracles. (Matt 9:1-8)

Love the part where Jesus said, I know what you are thinking and it doesn’t bother me but just to show you that I am… (paraphrase) (Matt 9:6)

EO: All Jesus said to Matthew was “Follow Me”. (Matt 9:9)

Matthew gift as a record keeper enabled him at his job (tax collector “a sinful job”) and later was put to good use as creating the book of Matthew.

Q: What is my gift?

A: Remember when you were in the world, you used your gift. Coming to Christ doesn’t mean you should throw it away, just use it for Christ. E.g. If you were a blues singer, sing blues in the church.

EO: One second they say Jesus is blasphemy, the next second they question why He is hanging out with “sinners”, based on their thinking shouldn’t He be amongst those like Him? Go figure!! (Matt 9:11, Matt 9:34)

EO: God is not interested in those who feel they have already arrived and don’t need Him.

EO: While John’s disciples where consumed by the orthodox, dogma and traditionalism, they missed the new move of God. Jesus said I came with a new style you can’t confine me to this old thing. (Matt 9:14-17)

EO: Demon possession made the guy mute, Jesus did not require him to have faith, he was healed by the faith of those who brought him, unlike the woman with the issue of blood and the blind guys they were healed by their faith.


Matt 8:17 / Isaiah 53:2 – God’s will for our health.

EO: Following Christ is not like a job, where  you go in the morning and get home in the evening, you cannot suit Christainity in the morning (in most cases Sunday) and take it off in the evening. There are no breaks, there are no vacation periods, it is a total lifestyle change and you are either with Jesus or you are not with him. You have to give up everything house, family e.t.c. (Matt 8:18 – 22)

Our main aim is to be like Jesus, notice Jesus total lack of fear, He was able to sleep in the midst of the storm because He knew that nothing shall harm Him.

Q: Why did Jesus say you of little faith? I thought that He said if your faith is as little as a mustard seed you can move mountains? How little is too little with faith?

A: Jesus called the centurion one with great faith because he believed in Jesus, hence he asked Him to heal his servant, but the centurion took it up a notch by telling Jesus to just speak the word. He did not need the reassurance of Jesus walking to his house to believe it could be done. On the other hand the folks at sea with Jesus knew Jesus could save them, hence they woke Him up, but the fact that He was on the boat with them wasn’t enough, they needed the extra reassurance of Him being awake to know that nothing would happen to them?

Have many times have we measured our closeness to God based on the amount of miracles He is performing in our lives?  How many times have we accounted for the whereabouts of the Holy Spirit based on how much we “feel” Him?

How great is your faith, when you believe God’s love for you is great when nothing going right in your life and it seems your prayers are not being answered, everything you touch crumbles, bills are piling up, your body is sick, you are homeless yet you say God is in control.

How many times have we checked the goodness of God based on how close his response is to our prayers or what we asked? How many times have we judge who God is punishing and who God is saving based on what is happening in their lives?

Although both faiths can move mountains, great faith does not need Physical reassurance, little faith does. Little faith puts God in a box great faith understands God can do the impossible.

Little faith is the reason for the question “What kind of a man is this?” (Matt 8:27)

Q: Did the violence start when the demons met Jesus? (Matt 8:28)

EO: Violence demons reaction to the presence of God, fear, shock, destruction -> Essence of the violence because they knew?

EO: The devil knows at the appointed time there is going to be torture for the devil and demons. This would definitely make the devil not a happy camper.

Q: Why did the demons want to go into the heard of pigs? What was the alternative?

Q: Why did Jesus agree to send them into pigs?

A: It was not the appointed time. Pigs unclean animals (Jewish)