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Somewhere along the lines, the bible has been misconstrued about the meaning of the head of household to become who is the income earner in a family. This might make sense in the world but in the scripture it is not true.

The quality of a man that makes him the head of the household is not pertaining to how much he earns I don’t know why a man’s head of household status would then be threatened if his wife works?

The world has twisted this word of God so much that some women when they become income earners might view a man that he is no longer capable of bearing the title head of household and some men because they earn income no longer do anything worthy of head of household.

Let us go down to the bible, what did God mean when he said the man is the head?

Ephe 5:23 sums it all for the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church.

What is Christ relationship with the church? 

Why have we turned important information to something as petty as who makes more money or who works or does not? The idea of being head of household goes way deeper than that.

Males do not become men because they are born with male genitals.

And ladies every man is not head of household material, it is only God who gives a man the ability to become the head of household, for who will be willing to lay his life down for his wife if the grace of God is not upon him?

There are some men who have no relationship with God, they are just figure heads, their wife is the one who prays, read the word of God, who hears from God, who spends time with God yet they claim to be head of household, who do you think is more of a head the one who hears from God or the one who doesn’t? Besides you cant be head, if you have no relationship with God.

One thing I am sure is before God we are spirits neither male nor female, so God will not hesitate to use the woman to accomplish what he intends to do at the time he intends to do if the man who is the head of household is not ready to take his rightful place. They will be like Esau selling their birthrights and we know God has no qualms giving it to the one who hungers.

When it comes to earning let every household do what works best for them, this will not deter the anointing of being head of household from a man. David was king long before he sat on a throne.

Men you need God to fulfill that role, God gave you a wife, she is like the church is to Christ.

Jesus is constantly interceding for the church, Jesus died for the church, the church is His body.

How well do people fare when they neglect their body? How does a man think he will do well when neglects his wife? You can provide all she needs financially but neglect her emotionally and physically.

Don’t worry if your wife is being submissive or not take your place as head. How many times did Jesus quit being Christ because the church is failing Him or not submitting to Him? This is your God given role, it is not predetermined by the woman or your circumstances.