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First prototype was built and everything went well and it was called Man 1.0 nicknamed Adam, God went ahead and got a large inventory from BeFruitfulAndMultiply inc.

Employee sabotage led to deficiencies in inventory, in order to garner loss, a patch was place into works moving Man 1.0 to Man 1.1.

The implementation of the patch is instituting Salvation 1.0 into Man 1.0 to bring about Man 1.1.

Final plan is to completely finish using inventory in stock then upgrading all Man 1.1 to Man 2.0 the new man.

All versions of Man 1.0 that did not upgrade to Man 1.1 cannot be upgraded to Man 2.0. Man 2.0 is not backward compatible with Man 1.0.

All versions of Man 1.0 will be scrapped and will no longer be used.

Man 2.0 has already be tested all bugs removed, the first prototype nicknamed JC is working perfectly at this moment.