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Okay I don’t get it,

People are ridiculously mean to beautiful, wealthy or popular person and everyone acts like it is okay.

When people talk about celebrities no holds barred

They go for the jugular

Gutting them out in every despicable way possible, their children or family members are not safe.

And everyone acts like it is okay.

“Eh they are celebrities they can handle it.”

A beautiful girl, for some folks she is a target.

And everyone acts like it is okay.

“Pish Posh cry me a river, she will turn out to be like the mean girls in the movies so we get her before she gets us”

Maybe she is mean because people are so mean to her.

Beautiful people are not supposed to be smart.

Why should they have it all?

So if she talks we treat her like she is stupid even if she is full of wisdom.
To be taken seriously, scrub that make up off your face

Since you can’t make yourself ugly, go with the ugly clothes.

Kindhearted, no we don’t notice it, she practically has to be damn near angelic to be elevated to kindness status of the one that is not as pretty.

Did Hollywood get it wrong, could the mean girls just be those who are ugly inside.

After it all, beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder.