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ChasitybeltIn our chase for chastity, we have made the mistake of making women feel that their most prized possession is their maiden head. We have promised women everlasting love from their spouse if he is the first man, and women have believed it and ended up disappointed.

A woman will fight so hard to remain a virgin, not giving in once to sexual overtures from men but once that virginity is conquered there is a mistaken notion that the evil deed is done so there is absolutely no way you can recapture that which is lost and cannot be of much value anymore. How does one become of less value because the most elastic part of the human body is slightly different?

I just want to encourage young girls and women who regret who was their first, there is no reason to keep being with the douche bag because he was your first. If you regret your decision to have sex with this person in the first place, understand that everybody makes mistakes, there is every reason for you to continue to value yourself the same way you were valuing yourself when you were a virgin.

Sometimes women remain in terrible relationships, this person will not treat them right, give them the love they are seeking for, or is right for them but because they are afraid that the next guy may be wrong as well and they don’t want to be “sleeping around” they remain in this bad relationship running on the adage that the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know.

This is giving too much power to a man because he caught a woman in a compromising position. Celibacy is as great as remaining a virgin. A woman should be able to value herself enough to say I made a mistake I deserve better than this and I will not repeat this mistake again.

A woman will do herself a disservice to give herself to someone who doesn’t deserve her.

This mentality is so bad that a woman who is raped almost immediately begins to devalue herself. The vagina is just a part of who a woman is, if a man takes something from a woman, there is going to be a hurt because someone stole something from her that she did not give but under no circumstances should it mean that she is not worth anything.
A woman’s worth is greater than her vagina!

Women are encouraged not to be sexually aware but wait for seduction and fall into the arms of a man. A woman should not leave the decision of what she wants in the hands of a man just because she is looking for love. Every woman should decide who and when she wants to have sex, if you know that you are going to wake up in the morning regretting this, DO NOT DO IT!!! No matter how much tingling you feel all over your body.

Life is not a romance novel, where you can blame it on the alcohol, the buzz in your heart and excuse the meanness of the man to a struggle with how much he loves you. Men are not really that complicated, if they like you, you will know, if they don’t like you, you will know, regardless of how they feel about you that doesn’t mean they will not sleep with you.

A woman should say “Virgin or not I will not give myself over to a man who doesn’t deserve me, if that means I will never have sex so be it”

At the end of the day I think a woman’s value for herself is a better motivation than society’s value for a woman.

baloonVirginity is like a balloon only one prick it’s gone.