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My daughter said something to me that was so profound that it inspired this blog.

Playing “I love you” with my kids, in the typical competitive banter in my household, my daughter wanted to know if I love her more than her sibling, in my best mommy tone I replied “I love you and your brother equally, do you know why?”,  my thought process was in the direction of “because you are both my babies”.

I saw my daughter giving the question a little bit of thought and she responded “Because you want us to be ourselves”.  Surprised at her response I agreed wholeheartedly.

Sometimes, I recognize that when we get saved we are all about not being like the old man and in that process sometimes we eradicate who we really are and emulate someone else.

Admire someone if you must but don’t lose who you are.

Incorporate new habits if you will but custom design it for you.

I think it is imperative that we realize that God loves us equally because He doesn’t want us to be like each other.

Sometimes unwittingly we may push about the fallacy that our way or style of Christianity is the best way, yes it may be for us but not for everyone else. Can we really let people just be who they are?

Sometimes the action itself is not the sin but the intention behind the action that makes it sinful.

I am a lover of knowledge and I once I found God I craved wisdom in every way and I thought this was the highest point until I came upon the idea that knowledge of God’s love surpasses knowledge.

Now I am a lover of God’s love, I want to know it, I want to understand it, I want to have it, and I want to give it.

God called us a body and each part of the body is vastly different from each other with their strength and weakness uniting to form one of the greatest designs of God.

I want to love people for who they are without losing me, I want everyone around me to be different, I want to understand that different doesn’t mean better than, I want us to celebrate our differences as much as we celebrate our similarities.

I want to love only as the true lover could, just as you are, flaws and all.