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There is something about us females, when we fall in love we try to include the person in all of our lives, even if they are not interested. We want to tell him about our day at work, our fight with our friends, shopping e.tc.
These are activities we can participate on our own without including him but the need to include is part of our persona.

A female can pretty much open her own cans, take out her trash e.tc. but when a man is in her life she is having him open her cans, take her trash out just to include him in her life.

God is the same way, He can do anything He wants without us, but for relationship sake He tries to include us in His plans.

He says “Assist me in showing my love to that person”

“Assist me in giving to that church?”

“Assist me in showing the world who I am”

“Assist me in…”

Sometimes we get cocky, we think God needs us.

Sometimes when we assist God we want to determine things for Him.

What song should play in church for worship given that we make the biggest contribution.

Who goes to heaven and who doesn’t given that we are saved and sharers of the gospel.

Who God loves and who He doesn’t love the recipients and givers of God’s love.

The truth is I understand the need for God to include me, if He is ask me to do something I stand in Awe because I am thinking, God wants me to be part of what He is doing!

I get it, because I do it. I can do things by myself but I try to include the people I love not because I need them but because I love them.