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I really don’t know if this is a myth or just something passed from one religion to the other or something out of Hollywood movies (thank you Constantine) that when you commit suicide you go to hell.

I can’t find it in the bible to substantiate that fact.

Then I started thinking deeper about it, no one knows who gets to heaven and hell because we don’t have the ability to know the heart of any man, and we are not in a position to make that judgment call. We can guess based on the sins we see but we cannot categorically say so and so will not make it to heaven because we cannot say if they made peace with God before they left earth.

God constantly reiterates in the bible how He looks at the intention of a man rather than the actions of a man, so it is possible that someone can do something really good and yet if his intentions are wrong it does not please God.

Taking both points into consideration if someone who is suicidal realized they cannot kill themselves but rather die anyway decided to get  killed by putting him/herself in dangerous situation and getting killed in the process in God’s eyes wouldn’t that be suicide since He saw the intentions of the person?

If someone with mental illness who has no control of their mind and ended up committing suicide and God saw in their minds that that it was not their intention but controlled by the sickness wouldn’t that be death by illness?

May God help us that we do not take on the role of God by sending people to hell or heaven.