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There is a new fad I am noticing the constant attack of the gospel of grace and well meaning Christians sharing this on their pages. I can understand the devil’s problem with the gospel of grace, like all angel separation from God is pretty destructive and the devil will do anything to receive grace therefore will not appreciate grace deposited on “undeserving” humans.

What I do not get is why would Christians attack the gospel of Grace? The gospel of Grace is everything about Christianity. Jesus spoke about it constantly, the parable of the lost coin, the parable of the lost sheep, the prodigal son e.t.c.

I always wondered who was more ignorant in the parable of the prodigal son, the elder brother, or the younger brother. The elder brother who was in the father’s house yet did not realize that everything the father has belongs to him or the younger brother who left the comfort of his father’s house to become a servant in a terrible condition.

Sometimes these anti grace gospel read like Jesus gave us 10 drops of blood and said “Here are your ten drops, use it wisely”.

The only people I can think about that could be against the gospel of grace is those that no longer need grace, they no longer sin and therefore need no salvation. Perhaps they think that their sin is so minute hence it wouldn’t cost God anything. I got news for you, if all the world’s sin is <put your “little” sin here> it will cost Jesus His life.

I don’t know if people are ready for heaven, heaven will be a huge surprise for many because some we expect to be there will not make it and some we expect not to be there will make it. Since you and I are not God who will judge of the living and the dead, how about we just learn to love everyone that way we can live well in heaven. What will you do if those you don’t get along with make it to heaven?

One can say “why would this murderer who killed my dad make it into heaven?”. The same response can be “Why would this unforgiving person who cannot forgive the person who killed her dad despite the fact that God whose son she killed forgives her everyday make it into heaven?”

Repentance is between God and the repenter, I don’t care if the repenter is showing me signs of being truly repentant if their heart is not repented God will know He cannot be hoodwinked. So if a man repents before God yet find himself going back to the things he just repented from does this mean he didn’t truly repent? I can’t say since I don’t know the workings of a man’s heart. For all we know he maybe struggling with that sin. But keep repenting, keep coming back one day you grasp the truth of your freedom in Christ and will  be truly set free.

Yea so your Pastor confessed to you that he is an adulterer, therefore you are leaving the church and going to another church, so when you see him heaven will you go to hell?

Yea so he is a homosexual, she is a gossip, he is a murderer, she is a liar, he is a thief, all these is what God is calling into his kingdom, come as you are you can never find true freedom outside. Even if you fall come back. Remember only the sick needs a physician.

When I hear people complain about grace, I am wondering is that you wish to be outside running the streets like the prodigal son? Is the elder brother wishing he left too? Maybe because the elder brother didn’t realize what he had. Now that I know what I have in Christ, I rather be in the house of the Lord, I feel sympathy for those who tend to go and return, but I rather have you back than out there.

My dear brother and sister who has left the fold, please return home. God is searching earnestly for you and when you do come back there will be a big party. Don’t even bother trying to get rid of that sin because you can’t do it by yourself.