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Fingerprints make a complete picture

Fingerprints make a complete picture

When I first got saved

I didn’t know what to do

Well meaning folks came with their handbook about how I should be

I tried it for a while

Soon I was frustrated

I said, “This isn’t me.

I am not sure who I am. “

Then in stepped Jesus.

“*Ahem*” He clears his throat.

“Listen love” he said

“I created you exactly this way.

I know what I was getting

when I purchased you.

If you are anything other than you

I can’t deal.

Now follow me let me show you

why I created you this way.”

There is a big picture and God took parts out of that picture to create our fingerprints and when those fingerprints come together they form the complete picture.

God painstakingly created each person as individualistic as our fingerprints.

When individuals begin to conform and become like anyone else they mess up the picture pretty quickly.

Who are you?