Intellectually Lazy

What does it take to be discerning?

You have to listen more

You have to focus the conversations less on you

You have to spend real time with the individual

What does the intellectually lazy do?



What does it take to discover who you are?

You have to quiet the noise

Spend more time with you

Face your own greatness and faults

Be okay with being unique

What does the intellectually lazy do?

Become like a STEREOTYPE!!!


Not aggressive enough?

Not passive aggressive enough?

You do not want to be known as “Place Race Here” enough

You are exceptional at art, mediocre in science but you are expected to excel in science, here is your choice be a mediocre in science, do not explore your excellent potential in arts you do not want to disappoint your stereotypes.


Stereotypes are oversimplified ways of cataloging groups of people based on the differences between them and other groups of people. They are sometimes rooted in fact, sometimes in prejudice, and if taken at face value, they contribute to intolerance and discrimination and limit people in their understanding of society. Stereotypes exist, and they will continue to exist as long as there is diversity between human individuals and a tendency in the human brain to compartmentalize knowledge as a way to reduce “thinking effort” (principle of minimal invested energy) –Veronica Sicoe 


Grace… Abraham or Lot Style

Loving this!



Grace is the mother and nurse for holiness not the apologist (defender) for sin.
Do you want to be Abraham or Lot?

We are saved by grace and none of our works can bring us righteousness yet, on the foundation that Christ has laid for us what are we building on it?

Do not say because you are saved through grace, you are going to flirt so close to sin and expect to come out unscathed.

Abraham and Lot both righteous men through grace (Romans 4:2) (2 Peter 2:7-8), while Abraham moved away from sin by precisely going in the direction God called him, Lot saw an easy solution, lush cities and figured he could flirt so close to sin and not get burnt.

The result, Lot barely escaped and in the process lost his wife, while Abraham lived in abundance.
Which righteous man do you want to be?…

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The will of God




When believers knowingly move away from doing the things God called them to do, they do so at the peril of loosing God’s presence and comfortable enjoyment of God’s love.
There is no amount of grace, that is worth being outside the will of God.

When we serve our Lord Jesus as believers should do, our God is with us; and though we have the whole world against us, if we have God with us, what does it matter?

The price of loosing God’s presence is just too high, grace is awesome and all that, but out of the two righteous men, Lot and Abraham, both under grace, I would rather be Abraham living under grace yet enjoying the presence of God. Sin soon destroys a believer’s comfort, like Jonah we loose our peace of mind.

Jonah lost everything upon which he might have drawn for comfort in any other…

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Remembering Trayvon Martins and Jordan Davis

Do I tell my son, shoot the white man dead before he get you?
Do I say don’t argue for the man is trying to steal a ground he does not own?
Do I say your life is in danger!?
Remember you have two legitimate reasons to believe your life is in danger.
Remember Trayvon and Jordan?
It is not your loud music!
Turning it down won’t make it any better.
It is not your hoodie.
Wearing suits won’t protect you.
The killing has been going on long before suits and loud music.
Hate breed hate and father’s have son
Did you believe because you can drink from the same tap, because you can vote the fight was over?
Now why would they let you grow, when the myth has been broken that it is possible to raise black Presidents.
Shoot them before they grow -Brenda Fassie
Black sons in FL know this, if you meet a white man standing ground with you aka arguing, don’t argue with kill him DEAD! You have 2 legitimate reasons to believe your life is in danger.


The Person of the Holy Spirit


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There was a time when all the church talked about was the Holy Spirit, the person of the Holy Spirit, Good Morning Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God, who is the Holy Spirit e.t.c

During that period tons of people where getting saved, healed and great manifestation of the presence of God.

As we all know, where the Holy Spirit goes great things happen, unfortunately many of the people where not ready for the responsibilities that come with carrying the anointing. Humans started worshiping the anointing carriers, then conceit stepped in, the environment was no longer conducive for the Spirit of God to manifest so He stepped back.

To maintain the status quo because they love the worship, they started faking it, the devil was quick to go on the rebound because he understood the power of the Spirit. Well meaning Christians started questioning the Holy Spirit.

Is He real? I thought He was a thing of the past? Don’t disrupt the service we don’t want to scare people. Don’t talk about the Holy Spirit so much people will look at you like a wack job.

Slowly He was placed in the back burners, there but not really there, regulated like we do with the old white man up in heaven playing games with us on earth.

The Holy Spirit was never meant to be away, the very essence of the Spirit is for God to do a daily walk with us just like He did with Adam in the garden of Eden.

I got good news, the dispensation is coming back but please be aware, don’t get swept away with the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and miss Him altogether.


The biggest influence on a reading child is a reading Parent.


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With all the suggestions out there on reading to your baby at a young age, while these are good ideas that I emulate  I strongly believe to develop a healthy reading habit a child must have a reading parent, relative e.t.c.

My reading habit started when I saw my elder sister reading. As one who loves to copy her sister it didn’t take long before I started reading.

The statistic is scary how many children do not read. The truth is, parents are too busy to be good examples of readers, no matter how many times we read to them as kids a lot of times the habit fizzles out with the busyness of our world.

I strongly want my kids to read, I want them to read everything, expand their world, get away from parochial views to large perspectives. Read things they disagree with, read things you agree with.

I also love the idea of a broad vocabulary which comes from reading. Kids with small vocabularies always tend to curse, you can say I am aggravated instead of so f…ing mad.

As a parent who wants reading kids, there are a couple of tips I have been working on.

  • I started reading to my kids as babies.
  • Now they are grown, I read to them all the time but now I let them beg me for the stories, so we get the one more story mommy.
  •  I make the trip to the library an event, and most weekends I added a stop to the ice cream place as part of our ritual.
  • I buy lots of books. My house is full of books. My children are not afraid of books.
  • I spare time to read a book in front of my kids.

My kids are still too young to be categorical readers but I notice habits of wanting to go to the side and read a book, the moments of bringing a book and requesting a read a book to me mommy and piles of books on the side of their beds.


A revelation of God as time


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Time is the 4th dimension on earth, a particle may have length, breadth mass, volume but a particle will need to exist in time to exist.

Time is one dimension we cannot control, mathematically we say wrt (with respect to) time but we cannot go back in time, slow time or make it any faster, we operate within time.

God said I am the Alpha and Omega which means beginning and end. If time is on a Cartesian coordinate then the origin 0 will be alpha the beginning of God and Omega will be infinity.

On the axis we can have a start and stop where for each individual a start will be the beginning of life and a stop will be the end of life, but for most things that exist longer than us they will exist further back on the coordinate axis than our own reference point.

We can set our own origin on the time Cartesian coordinate and make any point on the number line the origin and we can make the number line as long as we exist on the earth, while that may be truth in our own reality does the world really end when people die? For them it does but the rest of the world continues on the time axis. The number line goes all the way to Omega.

God is time everything in this world exist because of God. We cannot change time but time can change us, time is on its trajectory and everything else exist because of it.  When a thing exist in time that is when it becomes real.

This is the reason why God can see the end of a matter from the beginning, He knows the exact moment when anything can exist on the time axis. With God nothing is too late but everything is right on time.

You may set your number line like Sarah and say I am 99 I am too old to bear a child but if the child born to Sarah is existing on the time line at 99, that child will exist regardless of everything else.

What is it that God has said in your life, God has placed it on the time axis which is within your limit (before your end), you may not see it now but as you are shuttling through time when you come upon that time everything that God has said will exist in that time will exist.

Therefore do not worry, God is not too late, it may be happening right now for person A that does not mean yours is not up on the time line.

God does not have a need to go back into time, (like in the Sci Fi) to change something to affect tomorrow, He puts it there, everything else in this world will conform to meet that event at the appointed time.

So your will may exist like Jonah and you may refuse to go down to Nineveh to preach the word, but at the appointed time you will be at Nineveh, you can either a) get on the bus and go there or b) force the sea to react, have a fish swallow you but at the appointed time you will be at Nineveh.

Everyone has freewill but your freewill cannot make God a liar. If the earth has to tip off it’s axis for God’s will to come to pass so be it. How many of our freewill choices has tipped our world or the earth off its axis and we have conveniently blamed God.

For everyone of us God has said 1+1 = 2, I can choose out of my own freewill to add 2 to the equation. But because the answer will always to be 2, God will balance the equation such that it becomes this 2+(1+1)=2+(2-2). We may not like the 2-2 process that God added but God’s word must come to pass.

The best and easiest way is to align ourselves with the will of God, what comes to mind is this song from Sidewalk prophets “Let me find it”.

If there’s a road I should walk
Help me find it
If I need to be still
Give me peace for the moment
Whatever Your will
Whatever Your will
Can you help me find it

The Pope is under attack for daring to ask Christians to be like Christ.


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pope   Before I go even further I will like to clarify that I am not catholic so you don’t think I am feeling biased and oversensitive about anything published about the pope. Now that we got that out of the way let me go the gist of this moment.

The pope is under attack, because he had the audacity to ask Christians to be more like Christ and in so doing challenged the powers that be.

Am I surprise? Of course not the devil is called “The Father of lies”.

What I am ashamed of is the number of people spreading this news on the internet like it is the truth. When you read this “All religions are true, Adam and Eve a Fable” and you are not going, wait what? Let me research this. I wonder about them.

Oh they call it satire these days I call it lying. I have been a victim of satire posting it on FB like it is the truth.  Not that I am calling for censorship but satire should be firmly stamped as such with watermarks indicating satire in the background.

Now that the truth is out that the Pope didn’t say that, how many do you think we take the time to state on their Facebook status that it was a lie? Hmm say that and brand yourself a fool? They would rather tarnish a man’s image than look like a fool.

The onus of proving the truth of what one is ingesting is on the reader in the 21st Century.

Christianity the antithesis of homosexuality?


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It seems that the opposite of Christianity is homosexuality. It seems like if you are not a Christian then you are a homosexual, a homosexual lover (as in one who supports homosexual).

When did Christianity become the antithesis of homosexuality? Once you say you are a Christian to a media outlet the first question they ask is “Do you think homosexuality is a sin?” Why are we not hearing questions like “Do you think lying is a sin?” What do you think about sex before marriage? How do you feel about adultery?

I don’t blame the media though because we as Christians have made things that way. A non Christian can do the most despicable things around but if he says homosexuality is a sin “Christians” rally behind him like he is a saint. At this rate if the devil says homosexuality is a sin, “Christians” will be like the devil is not so bad he is just a misunderstood Christian working his way towards God but you homosexuals will burn in hell.

I am standing around watching this with mouth agape.

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame has a right to attack homosexuality the way he sees fit, I don’t have a problem with that but when his defenders start making it look like he said it as a representative of Christ I am shocked.

This is a man who used to drink and cheat on his wife, at that time the wife used to say “It is not him but the devil in him” yet when it comes to the sins of another he does not extend the same courtesy.

We should hold Christianity to a higher standard, according to my standard a Christian should be one that has accepted Jesus as their Lord and personal savior and is constantly practicing the word of God, not perfect but working on it, in conclusion a Christian should be Christ like.

A Christian is not someone who is born in a Christian home, a Christian is not one who says the grace over dinner, a Christian is not one whose political affiliation determines his religion.

If me as Christian realized that I could not turn away from my sin if it wasn’t for the grace of God, it would be incredible unfair for me to expect any man to walk away from his sin without Christ.

I think we should be more interested in showing Christ to the world because the truth is the world knows they are sinners what they do not have is a solution.

If we are propagating the love of God as much as we are condemning homosexuality and every other sins by the way, we would accomplish more than creating a cheap media ruckus all in the name of Jesus.

Not one sin is greater than the other, remember in God’s eyes a man who hates his brother is as guilty as murdering him.

If we want to talk about sin, let’s talk about sin.


Is Heaven going to be Hell for you?



Everybody wants to go to heaven but most people are not considering what living in heaven is really going to be like, therefore they are less equipped or prepared to live in heaven. Which begs the question are they going to make it there?

You know that guy that raped and killed your daughter, that man that you cannot forgive, guess what while he was in prison awaiting his execution he made his peace with God and made it into heaven therefore you have to eat with this man everyday, eating next to him next to the daughter he killed constantly reminding you of that day he ripped your life apart, that is if you even make it in there considering the fact that you can’t forgive.

That racist white guy you hated so much, made your life on earth hell, guess what he found the error in his ways and made it into heaven now you have to deal with him, that is if you made it into heaven given that you commit murder each time you think about him.

That  Jewish guy, that Islamic guy that you were so sure was going to hell, so you avoided him like a plague, well someone else didn’t and led him to Christ, guess what you have to dine with him in heaven.

You know that sin you hated so much, such that you had no qualms hating the sinner, you hated to the point of ostracizing sinners that felt their only way out was to die, guess what one of them made it to heaven, now you have to love this sinner.